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The devil's in the (data) detail

I don’t think there is any person or business in the world that hasn’t been touched by COVID-19. We all are trying to come to terms with it, while adapting to and managing the sudden changes to the way we live and work.


For warehouse operators, both large and small, who play a pivotal role in keeping the supply chain operational, this means maintaining the flow of goods and managing the staff to do it.

No company is exempt from the challenges. Supermarkets are forced to adapt as people panic buy and turn to home delivery for their groceries. Amazon has already announced it is temporarily refusing to stock certain items in its warehouses, to cope with overwhelming demand for household essentials due to the coronavirus pandemic. The retail giant obviously has the scope and technology to switch things up overnight, but you don’t have to be Amazon to achieve the same results.

That’s where a modern day, technology-advanced cloud-based WMS can really help warehouse operators keep goods and processes flowing, while managing staff and resource allocation, through the targeted data it collects and delivers. 

At SnapFulfil we have seen our customers use the power of SnapData (our new fully featured and configurable analytics & reporting solution) to identify business trends and make important operational and fulfilment decisions based on a strategic version of their truth and solid analytics. 

For example, when warehouse staff are at a premium and self-isolation is a reality, coupled with a rapid change in orders, then having the data at your fingertips to boost the effectiveness of your available workforce, their picking performance, plus available space is critical.

Much more data quality helps drive efficiency, productivity and profitability – even in really challenging times – plus the additional benefit of SnapData is that it’s constantly evolving and being upgraded and improved.

There’s little doubt that a cloud-based WMS is not only intuitive and scalable, it has the capacity to deliver key business metrics, while at the same time enable operations to evolve in a fast-developing environment.

Offering responsive support options helps change management by allowing the flow of data and order of operations within the application to be regularly updated – empowering management to store, organise, deliver, and track the accomplishment of work throughout a facility.

We appreciate that times are tough for everyone and with so much uncertainty in the world, the team at SnapFulfil are here to support our customers and maximise every opportunity their WMS offers, including the added value of SnapData, to help weather the COVID storm and be in a stronger position when it clears.


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