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SnapFulfil talks warehouse wearables in DC Velocity

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced its next innovation aimed at streamlining the supply chain: warehouse wearables, designed to track employee movements as they pick and pack. Some heralded it as the crucial next step in warehousing. Others questioned whether it constituted an invasion of privacy. 

No matter how you feel about the technology, the fact remains: once implemented, the data it unlocks – all the way down to tracking an employee’s individual movements – will have a profound effect on supply chain operations.


In a recent blog post on DC Velocity, SnapFulfil took a deeper look at what these warehouse wearables mean not just for Amazon, but for small and large warehouses alike. We discussed how the technology will impact your efficiency and bottom line. Finally, we touched on moves warehouses can make to prepare themselves for this advanced technology, including the implementation of best-of-breed warehouse management software to improve your data visibility now – without waiting for wearables to come online. 

To read more, visit the article here.

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