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Proud to have my head in the cloud

A recently received promotional email from a so-called competitor (who shall remain nameless) actually made me laugh out loud - but also sent a bit of a shiver down my spine!

It was extolling the benefits of their new system monitor module that checks on-premise server performance and forewarns of issues relating to disk space, memory and database usage, in a bid to minimise downtime.

Apart from being quaintly old fashioned, it reminded me just how dated the supposedly good old days of traditional WMS were… and evidently still are?

SnapFulfil WMS, of course, is unashamedly forward thinking and is an on-premise style solution, but in an ultra secure cloud space, and without our customers having to make any trade offs for this Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. Plus, what really sets it apart is the robust infrastructure that is behind these solutions.


It can globally adapt to the fast moving and dynamic warehousing requirements of enterprise level retailers, manufacturers and third party logistics providers - and with flexibility at its core delivers cutting edge systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional installations and can be up and running within a matter of weeks. Indeed, users typically benefit from efficiency improvements in the region of 30%, which translates into the ability to do more with the same or less resources.

World class uptime provided by the platform that the solution is hosted on should be a given, but SnapFulfil additionally benefits from a 99.997% availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) that gives customers the crucial peace of mind that they are backed up by a highly available and reliable cloud infrastructure.  

The transactional nature of warehouse management also requires on-demand scalability and reliable performance in the cloud and this is another area where we deliver outstanding service to our customers. The dynamic nature of our cloud platform and flexible resource-based pricing structure enables SnapFulfil to expand in line with customer needs – without having to over invest in cloud capacity that could remain unused.

Meanwhile, highly advanced security (including the latest in data sovereignty and ISO 27001 certification) helps SnapFulfil to meet the needs of customers in even highly regulated industries and we’re also able to download real-time reports that enable timely alerting and remediation of any security issues before customers are affected.

Traditional has had its time because fulfillment has caught up quick, ‘Warehouse 4.0’ is here and businesses are thankfully moving from the dark ages into the here and now in order to survive and flourish – with digital transformation key to this success.


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