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Subscription Strategies: Beyond the box - Finding profit in overstocked and returned inventory

Predicting subcom success can be difficult, but predicting demand can be maddening – at least, using manual processes. Even well-oiled subcom offerings are bound to encounter warehouse management...

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VIDEO: How returns drive value with help from a cloud WMS

In any digital marketplace, customers expect purchases delivered on time, every time. This isn't news to any e-commerce business, but these demands are increasingly being tested in the return...

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Making returns pay

By all accounts, this past peak trading period set records for retail sales. With the exception of Next, the majority of major high street retailers in the UK put in a solid performance, while...

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Returns provide additional challenge to e-retailers

Online shopping is often hailed for its convenience, but simply because shoppers want to buy their products online, that doesn't mean that all e-commerce companies are prepared to meet their...

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How retailers can improve returns performance

The rise of e-commerce is largely due to the incredible convenience offered by online retail. The fortunes of many product-oriented businesses now hinge on the quality of their online shopping...

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