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Three lessons learned from Amazon Prime Day 2019

Another Prime Day has come and gone, and online shopping behemoth Amazon topped itself again: more than 175 million items made it through the digital checkout over the event’s 48 hours. It was the...

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The three A's of warehousing: Alignment

Company success is not just dependent on one part of the organization. Like most areas in life, success requires teamwork. Each business unit can learn valuable lessons from others to achieve...

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Never too early: Three metrics to track this peak season for next year's improvements

By now, your organization is likely deep into peak season planning – which means the time has come and gone to re-evaluate your fulfillment processes for this year’s rush. From here on, the focus...

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Growing pains: Five signs you're ready for a WMS

According to a study we conducted with Internet Retailing and eDelivery, 71 percent of organisations made warehouse management technology upgrades a priority last year. It’s easy to see why –...

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The two checkpoints of better inventory management

When it comes to inventory management, warehouses have little room for error – in fact, managers aim for an average accuracy rate of 99.7 percent. Pickers are already strapped for time, and if...

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SnapFulfil offers last-minute peak season tips in Total Retail

It’s go time – holiday shopping season has finally arrived. Hopefully you’re all set and have the systems and processes in place to handle the increase in sales. If not, it’s too late to start...

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What to expect when setting up a new warehouse

Inventory management has become the linchpin of any retail business. This makes your warehouse design and procedures an essential cog in being able to deliver products efficiently and on-time....

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Is your warehouse ready for Christmas?

Amid this year’s summer holidays and August heat waves, Christmas was not likely top of mind for most UK consumers. But for the average warehouse manager, time is already running short in the run...

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How inventory management is changing

There are few concepts in business as double-edged as inventory management. To keep budgets balanced, shelves stocked and customers happy, businesses need to effectively track and predict when and...

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Warehouse space becomes a challenge for retailers

When we think of a booming property market or hot properties, many of us picture a slick city apartment, country mansion or luxury villa in the sun as the most valuable. As it turns out, however,...

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