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Coronavirus - Keep calm and carry on with a cloud-based WMS

It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago none of us had heard of Coronavirus.  Fast forward and its global impact is unprecedented in modern history. 

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Proud to have my head in the cloud

A recently received promotional email from a so-called competitor (who shall remain nameless) actually made me laugh out loud - but also sent a bit of a shiver down my spine!

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Delivering the WOW factor with cloud-based warehouse management systems

A leisurely visit to the mall to shop was the pastime of many for many years.  It was all about experience, touching, feeling and being inspired to buy. 

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How cloud-based WMS software works harder and smarter

In order to be effective a Warehouse Management System (WMS) must be able to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the market - but all too often the cost of change is prohibitive.

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Tackling the 'Amazon Effect' head on

The e-commerce giant that is Amazon, continues to dominate the retail landscape and disrupt what was once upon a time a pretty straightforward way of doing business. 

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Small is beautiful - tackling the challenge of fast fulfilment

I recently had an interesting conversation with a senior manager of a major high street retailer. We were discussing online order fulfilment and the frustration of trying to keep up with the...

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Why mobility is a must-have in any modern warehouse

Few places feel the weight of new customer demands like the warehouse. Not only do goods need to be delivered more quickly and packaged in ways that catch the eye to start building a good...

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Implementing a feature-rich WMS: Five steps to go-live

Today’s warehouse technology powers productivity on a scale unimaginable using paper-based systems. By consolidating your warehousing data into one location and allowing deeper visibility into...

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Are all cloud WMS created equal?

Cloud-based systems have changed the business technology game. Rather than paying to maintain and upgrade costly on-site hard and software, companies using cloud-based solutions can access...

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Thinking beyond labor management: Four ways to save in the warehouse

So…you’ve taken the advice of experts. You’ve streamlined your labor pool. You’ve implemented a cloud WMS to identify and eliminate inefficiency. And you’ve worked hard to streamline inventory and...

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