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Top 100 Recognition for Synergy Logistics

Synergy Logistics is sitting on cloud nine having been listed for the ninth consecutive year in the Top 100 IT Providers by leading industry title, Inbound Logistics.

The editorial committee selected the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers based on those offering the innovations their customers need to streamline supply chain operations. Tier 1 warehouse management system (WMS), SnapFulfil, and multi-agent orchestration software (MAO), SnapControl, were considered essential solutions in an era of fast-paced warehouse automation and robotics functionality.


Inbound Logistics’ editor Felecia Stratton said: “The editorial selection committee had their work cut out for them, especially with all the new entrants and solutions in the market, ultimately selecting only 100 technology solutions leaders from the 400+ candidates who submitted their credentials. Our Top 100 list provides crucial decision support for our audience, all the more important this year considering the need and the innovations coming online.”

The recognition for SnapFulfil and SnapControl has been well received by the innovative company as it underpins how its leading-edge warehouse technology continues to evolve and remain relevant to the Inbound Logistics audience of top manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. 

Synergy’s Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Kirst, said: “It’s no coincidence that our software has been recognized for nine consecutive years as a top 100 logistics IT provider. In a fast-paced world, we continue to invest in R&D and adapt our software to meet the ever changing demands of our global customer base as well introduce new products.

SnapControl is our latest solution, which is really taking off as it tackles the need for seamless control of robotics and automation in the warehouse. It acts as a conductor of warehouse orchestration, otherwise known as multi-agent orchestration (MAO). Being vendor agnostic, it prioritizes work, allocates tasks and workflows, and ultimately enables companies to automate their operations on a much shorter timeline. But the real added value is the complete data picture it brings, which can facilitate tangible labor savings, accurate asset management decisions, and rapid time to value.”


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