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SnapFulfil talks millennial engagement in Multichannel Merchant

They’re the next generation of warehouse professionals. But how much do you really know about millennials – and do you feel confident training them for success in today’s rapidly changing supply chain?


In a new piece with Multichannel Merchant, I discuss three tips all managers need to know about drawing a great performance from their new charges. In short, it’s about fostering an environment where questions are encouraged and feedback is prioritized. Your millennials will seek guidance and mentorship; by offering opportunities for professional development and demonstrating how their role is crucial in the bigger picture, you’ll make them feel more welcome, and, in turn, increase productivity. 

Above all, don’t forget: millennials are digital natives – and in an era of supply chain disruption via technology, this generation will be invaluable in preparing your warehouse for what’s next. 

Read the full Multichannel Merchant article here.

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