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SnapFulfil handles 77% increase in shipments on Black Friday

Cloud WMS provider, SnapFulfil, experienced a 77% increase in shipments handled by its system on Black Friday, compared to the previous Friday.

Over the four days from Friday, Nov. 27 to Monday, Nov. 30, SnapFulfil's customers picked more than nine million items and dispatched almost half a million shipments.

To accommodate this uplift, the company has invested in extra server capacity to maintain service levels and availability to all customers. Many customers have also taken advantage of the flexibility offered by SnapFulfil's SaaS business model, by increasing the number of licenses and RF devices they require on a temporary basis.

Chris Anton, SnapFulfil's Head of Sales for North America says: "Although total sales per person dropped by $81.35 per person this year according to analysts, some of our customers saw a spike in orders of up to 60% compared to the previous week, showing that Black Friday is still very much alive and kicking.

"This was the first Black Friday using SnapFulfil for a couple of our customers and they've been really pleased with what they've been able to do this year. For example, our customer, Total Reliance told us that they'd shipped more orders than on their previous heaviest shipping day using less than half the resources!

"This can be the time when an already creaking operation finally falls over and rather than making dreams come true, warehousing and fulfillment can become the nightmare before Christmas. A best-of-breed warehouse management system like SnapFulfil automates and streamlines key warehouse processes to ensure that operations run smoothly throughout the year, with the flexibility to accommodate increased activity levels during peak trading periods."

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