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SnapFulfil comes out on top for LoveCrafts

snapfulfil-comes-out-on-top-for-lovecraftsLoveCrafts has selected the SnapFulfil cloud warehouse management system to support its fast-growing fulfillment operation.

LoveCrafts was launched in 2012 and has rapidly built a range of online services for crafters via its sites LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet. Today the LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet sites are the perfect place for crafters to shop for supplies, purchase patterns from the independent marketplace or engage with other crafters via the social community. The sites are experiencing explosive growth - LoveKnitting has an amazing 650,000 monthly users from 80 countries worldwide.

To support this rapid growth, LoveCrafts has engaged the services of Clipper Logistics to manage its UK warehousing and fulfillment operation from a facility in the North West of England.

With its US logistics partner already using SnapFulfil, LoveCrafts evaluated the system alongside Clipper's existing Tier 1 WMS. Offering all of the required functionality at a fraction of the cost, LoveCrafts took the decision to implement SnapFulfil in the outsourced UK fulfillment operation.

LoveCrafts' Head of Logistics & Operations, James Miles said: "As a rapidly growing business still in the early stages of our development, we needed to find a warehouse management system with full Tier 1 functionality that didn't require a significant upfront investment. Having seen SnapFulfil in our US operation we were confident it would be able to keep pace with our growth as we scale our UK operation."

SnapFulfil is helping an increasing number of fast-growing e-commerce businesses to streamline their fulfillment operations, typically improving operational efficiency by up to 30% and helping retailers and their logistics partners to deliver excellent service, in line with ever higher customer expectations.

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