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Remote Implementation facilitates timely expansion for Watch Gang

Los Angeles based luxury and collectable online watch retailer, Watch Gang, is clocking up record shipments thanks to its investment in a new advanced, cloud-based WMS.

The fast growing e-commerce retailer is handling thousands of closed tab shipments and subscription orders in days – rather than weeks – since its move to a 10,000 sq.ft warehouse included onboarding functionally rich and highly configurable SnapFulfil.


And the entire process was managed remotely, overcoming all the Covid-19 restrictions from travel to social distancing, saving both valuable time and money. SnapFulfil’s Remote Implementation (RI) program provides tailored virtual support, including regular online training and status meetings, to ensure new client teams can easily access and rigorously test the system in real time and advance – so meeting strict Go Live deadlines.

Watch Gang’s SVP Operations, Sam Christian, said: “The SnapFulfil team’s attention to detail is first rate and very personalized and you would never guess RI is a relatively new concept. It seems like they’ve been doing it all their working lives, it’s so slick and efficient. I can’t believe they’ll ever see the need to do on-site implementation again.

“When most things passed through the new WMS after Go Live, incremental volume went through the roof and without SnapFulfil I’d have manually been processing those orders weeks later. Quite frankly I would never have caught up.
“Their WMS is everything we were hoping for; it manages and solves our specific issues and problems very well and tells us exactly what is where and the right quantities. For example, there’s been a perfect count on SKUs from day one and not a miss-shipment since.”

SnapFulfil’s RI is a formal, approved document that guides both project execution and control and from the outset makes all stakeholders and personnel aware of the key milestones to be achieved and signed off along the way.

SnapFulfil’s Project Manager, Charles Thompson, added: “RI has really come into its own over the past 12 months as the pandemic has turned the idea of business as usual on its head. At SnapFulfil we have always been disruptors in a traditional space and this has worked in our favor as the flexibility, scalability and ease of use of our WMS has meant that a rapidly expanding business like Watch Gang has been able to pivot and meet demand for its luxury watches with a superior customer fulfillment experience without delay.”


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