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Inbound Logistics highlights SnapFulfil's work with subscription box retailer MeUndies


Our team is always excited to dig into a new warehousing challenge in search of a solution. That’s why we’re proud of the work we’re doing with MeUndies, a subscription box business based in California – and it’s been featured in Inbound Logistics.

MeUndies is experiencing rapid growth, with thousands of daily orders and an estimated 5 million units shipped by the end of the year. The costs of doing business had been rising, with the company spending up to $8,000 on paper alone, to print in excess of 160,000 orders each month. They plan to use SnapFulfil’s warehouse management software to streamline outdated picking processes that drag down productivity and gain more granular visibility into their operations.

With SnapFulfil, MeUndies will see up to a 30 percent increase in warehouse efficiency – and Jason Bang, MeUndie’s head of fulfillment operations, expects the cloud-based WMS to save the company more than $200,000 through the next year.

MeUndies will also benefit from SnapFulfil’s pre-built integration with its newly implemented NetSuite ERP.

To find out more about the role SnapFulfil will play in the MeUndies warehouse, check out the Inbound Logistics article: “Warehouse Upgrade: Of Boxes and Briefs.”

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