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Flexible WMS the Efficiency Cure for Ambitious 3PL

An up-and-coming US 3PL has invested in a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) to accelerate expansion and market share.

Michigan-based Cura Resource Group, which specializes in bespoke turnkey solutions for its dynamic and diverse range of clients, has implemented the award-winning, cloud-based SnapFulfil suite because of its inherent configurability, depth of functionality and multi-site capabilities.

Cura successfully went live at their 10,000 sq ft DC in Riverside, California recently, after a rapid implementation period - and are quickly enjoying complete inventory visibility, optimized batch consignment and highly accurate image capture.


Technologically advanced SnapFulfil replaces an order management system (OMS) that brought constant downtime, a lack of support and inability to adapt to Cura’s fast-paced work environment.

Steve Brillati, CEO at Cura Resource Group, said: “The key advantage of choosing SnapFulfil was the immense support and backing we received from their team and the facility to adapt our many procedures into the functionality of the system.

“Investing in a highly flexible and scalable WMS like this will optimize our fulfillment processes for much greater efficiency and enhance our labor productivity, as well as providing valuable insight into our operation and supporting us in gaining and retaining clients.

“SnapFulfil WMS integrates well with our new CIVA e-commerce platform too, which our clients are equally impressed by.”

SnapFulfil Project Manager, Charles Thompson, added: “The Cura team were very receptive and we were able to walk them through all the WMS permeations and practice weeks before go live - and this continued into post support because of the increased volumes they were getting out the door.

“They can now bulk upload and see their SKU numbers and variations anytime and anywhere, while the automated pick/track/label functionality is a major shortcut in their fulfillment processes.”

Cura Resource Group was created to meet the last-mile distribution and warehousing needs of any business that wants a physical presence near where inventory is used, but doesn't have the time, financial resources, or skills to develop and manage real estate on their own.

As business ramps up, the next step is to take advantage of SnapFulfil’s multi-site capabilities and seamlessly implement the WMS into their five other facilities across the US.

For more information on SnapFulfil's 3PL capabilities, check out our 3PL Brochure.


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