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Keeping the IT wheels turning

What would happen if we could no longer use the technology systems we rely on every day? I'm not talking about your smart device or computer, but all those systems and services we take for granted, working quietly in the background to keep us connected and the wheels of commerce turning.

Some of these systems and services may only affect your private consumption but big business relies on many cloud-based solutions to conduct daily transactions or run entire logistics operations across multiple cities and countries.

Disruptions to these systems, especially those caused by cyber-attacks, can have devastating consequences.

There has been increased awareness of cyber security over the past two years through the pandemic and more so in recent weeks due to the recent conflict in Ukraine. In truth, what I have learnt to accept is that no one is immune from cyber-attacks. Even big brands with in-house cyber security teams the size of small armies can fall victim to attackers.


At Synergy we understand the risks that hackers present and have cyber security at the forefront by partnering up with industry leaders to help protect our services in the best way possible. Realtime monitoring and alerting for vulnerabilities, sweep scanning of systems and assets, and air-gapped data backups are just some of our adopted measures.

We follow best practice guidance from the UK National Cyber Crime Agency and NIST, the US Cybersecurity agency. With the recent heightened alert levels, we are increasing our cadence on system patching and updates to ensure that we are best protected from any vulnerabilities. But it does not stop there. There is clear evidence that most cyber incidents occur between user & interface, the weakest link in the chain.

It's essential to educate and reiterate the importance of cyber security within the organisation. Ensuring users and employees use strong passwords, use practical and secure password managers to restrict the need to share credentials and passwords over unencrypted communication channels. Only open emails from known sources, watch out for spam or phishing emails and remain vigilant when conducting online activities both in corporate and at home.

Equally important is to realise that the function of cyber security is not the sole responsibility of the IT department but that of the entire organisation and all that contribute within that organisation.

So whilst there's no golden ticket to protect these assets from attack, we at Synergy are doing our utmost to make it more challenging with multi-layered defences to ensure we stand the best possible chance.



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