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It’s a risky business...not managing risk properly

i2-Global is a long standing IT partner to SnapFulfil and delivers technology-driven business and system integration solutions that help meet the commercial and strategic objectives of its clients.

The global pandemic, coupled with the ensuing economic fallout, has disrupted the supply chain like never before – so it’s critical that warehousing and logistics concerns squeeze out every drop of data, time space and resource.

They also need to manage these efficiency drives accurately, while remaining progressive, compliant, consistent and notified at all times, yet many are still chancing it all on onerous and outdated paper systems that are no longer fit for purpose.

In our experience, the individuals saddled with ‘risk management’ duties don’t usually like, understand or want to do it, but end up emotionally investing in a system that works for them, rather than the business, and relying on tribal knowledge and mentality over any automated processes.

Change management issues and fear of going digital are the most common issues we’re tasked with overcoming – and ironically, it’s often the IT department who are most risk averse and happy to stick with what they know and the way it’s always been done.

One singular risk management framework

So, what if there was a complete and easy-to-use risk management system, simply integrated and used anywhere with an internet connection, via PC, tablet or even smartphone, and centrally managed from a singular viewpoint and framework?

i2global-go-to-riskGoToRisk is a flexible, modular cloud-based application that can be tailored to any scale of logistics operation, with access provisions built in allowing for multiple locations, based around the five fundamental employee ‘risk’ areas:

  1. Learning
  2. Incident
  3. Asset
  4. Compliance
  5. Performance Management

When you’ve no room for error, this one-stop-shop approach brings automatic and consistent good business practice to the fore, plus it’s really cost effective against even rival applications that only offer two-to-three – such as training and learning management – of the risk area essentials.

Warehouse scenario – forklift accident

If we look at a typical warehouse scenario – when John has a forklift accident – we can see how the chain of events that ensues is full of risk scenarios that are linked and must be fully aligned:

  1. Incident management module immediately kicks in, so all aspects and details of any incident (or crime) can be automatically captured and reported in a timely manner. Photos, witness statements, CCTV footage and statements are easily uploaded and qualified, plus it triggers the necessary actions for investigation or management – including subsequent repair schedules – by the relevant team(s).
  2. Learning management module confirms the time/day (or not) that John has been provided with the relevant training appropriate to the forklift driver role. It also manages e-learning, classroom-based courses or continued professional development and can be regularly reviewed across how much it’s costing versus the benefits and individual progress.
  3. Asset management module confirms whether John’s forklift has been maintained correctly, while locational functionality ensures the relevant facilitator is tasked to undertake the review based upon geography and workloads. Information-rich QR code stickers can also be created that convey owner responsibility, procurement details, renewal dates and service schedules.
  4. Compliance management module ensures that the appropriate learning, scheduling and training outcomes of workers like John are being achieved. The all-important audit trail is automatically and regularly created, reviewed and approved – so the risk of out-of-date information is eliminated – whilst providing a proven and tailored trail of completion and compliance. Audit of the assets/site(s)/procedures are also centrally managed.
  5. Performance management module logs John’s overall contribution to the organisation and all aspects of colleague development – including any training and personal milestones undertaken. Senior management also get the ultimate hierarchical view because inclusion of any associated incident related matters provides a 360 profile of each employee.


How i2Global can help

In our experience, risk management is one of the main areas warehousing and logistics businesses fall down on, relying on volatile spreadsheets and truncated systems that aren’t resilient or robust enough. GotoRisk provides a complete systematic and paperless solution, all housed in one web-based ecosystem that’s simple to use and access – and fully integrate with your other business processes.

Can you risk not investigating further? We give sound, honest and practical advice, so please email gtr@i2-global.com.


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