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Choosing the right warehouse management system

15 January 2018 / by Chris Anton, Executive VP for SnapFulfil North America

If you’re in a supply chain management role, it’s a task you’ll face sooner or later: choosing and implementing new warehouse management software. On the surface, it’s a daunting process – but with thorough preparation, it doesn’t have to be. In a new whitepaper, we explore the steps in launching a WMS search.


Some key tips include:

  • Before vetting vendors, determine what functionality will drive the most progress within your warehouse
  • Identify how you’ll measure the success of the WMS you implement
  • Have vendors walk you through the pick, pack and ship process as managed by their WMS
  • Consider how upfront vendors are when you ask a question about a process their WMS has difficulty managing

For a deeper dive into the WMS selection process, read our whitepaper: “Selecting the Right Warehouse Management System.”