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Kirk Anderson, Executive VP for Snapfulfil North America

Kirk Anderson is Executive Vice President at Snapfulfil North America.

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Snapfulfil/SUBTA survey reveals subscription commerce strategies, challenges

With the growth of personalization in retail, it’s no surprise that subscription commerce is growing exponentially. There’s a monthly subscription box for almost any interest, from books to wine...

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Subscription Strategies: Beyond the box - Finding profit in overstocked and returned inventory

Predicting subcom success can be difficult, but predicting demand can be maddening – at least, using manual processes. Even well-oiled subcom offerings are bound to encounter warehouse management...

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Subscription Strategies: Managing the shift to high volume fulfillment

You’ve considered how subscription commerce might affect your standard warehouse procedures, and you feel confident enough to take your box live. Congratulations! Now the real work begins.

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Subscription Strategies: Choosing continuity vs. curation

Once you’ve determined your product is right for a subscription commerce model, you’ll need to start thinking about order frequency. This, too, will be largely based on what type of product you...

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Subscription Strategies: Four questions you need to consider when launching a subscription commerce offering

In the on-demand economy, customer experience is king. Innovators such as Amazon have trained consumers to expect convenience, often to the point where a buyer doesn’t have to leave his/her couch...

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Inbound Logistics highlights Snapfulfil's work with subscription box retailer MeUndies

Our team is always excited to dig into a new warehousing challenge in search of a solution. That’s why we’re proud of the work we’re doing with MeUndies, a subscription box business based in...

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The science behind successful subscription commerce

The growth of subscription commerce is staggering. Last year, Shorr Packaging reported more than 2,000 U.S. subscription box services were open and operating. Consumer interest in subscription...

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Snapfulfil brings Built for NetSuite warehouse management software to SuiteConnect 2017

This year’s Oracle NetSuite SuiteConnect event is all about finding your “next” – the next bold move that will revolutionize your business. And NetSuite users looking to make their next bold move...

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Thinking outside the box: Highlights from Subscription Summit 2017

In retail, innovation is often not only about the next big thing, but also about how the next big thing is delivered. This year’s Subscription Summit, which ran May 31-June 1, demonstrated the...

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Snapfulfil Cloud WMS achieves Built for NetSuite verification

Users of NetSuite ERP looking for an integrated Tier 1 warehouse management system (WMS) now have a solution with Snapfulfil. 

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