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Chris Anton, Executive VP for Snapfulfil North America

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales Operations for Snapfulfil North America

Recent Posts

Tackling the 'Amazon Effect' head on

The e-commerce giant that is Amazon, continues to dominate the retail landscape and disrupt what was once upon a time a pretty straightforward way of doing business. 

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The three A's of warehousing: Alignment

Company success is not just dependent on one part of the organization. Like most areas in life, success requires teamwork. Each business unit can learn valuable lessons from others to achieve...

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The three A's of warehousing: Adaptability - Learning from giants

Fulfillment operations are anything but static. It’s often a challenge for the warehouse to stay up-to-date on shifting trends, technology and competition. While the warehouse must remain agile to...

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The three A's of warehousing: Agility

When it comes to successful fulfillment operations, the warehouse must continually learn and grow in order to maintain a sturdy foundation. One of Snapfulfil’s key themes for 2019 is the 3 A’s of...

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UX matters when it comes to WMS

As the supply chain evolves to meeting rising consumer demands, the growth of best-of-breed technology in the warehouse is a given. The benefits associated with such technology are numerous, but...

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Peak season 2018: What did we learn?

As we exit peak season 2018, retail’s vital signs look good: a MasterCard study found sales were up 5.1 percent to more than $850 billion, the best holiday shopping season in six years, and online...

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What's trending in warehouse management? Things to watch in 2019

From shifting consumer expectations, to a growing dependence on data and innovative technologies such as AI and robotics, 2018 marked a dramatic change in retail warehouse management. The...

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The value of a strong support organization in warehousing

Transitioning to a best-of-breed warehouse management system (WMS) can be an intensive process. Between integrating systems, training employees and navigating speed bumps during go-live, there are...

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Three reasons a warehouse management system is crucial for mastering multichannel fulfillment

Consumers continue to demand more of their shopping experiences – more options, more products, more instantaneous gratification. And as shopper habits evolve, so do warehouses. 

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By the numbers: Lessons learned from Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon’s annual Prime Day has transformed into something of a global holiday, as shoppers clamor for deep discounts on best-selling items and free two-day shipping. This year’s event was no...

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