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A Royal Wedding WMS? Maybe...

18 May 2018 / by Snapfulfil Marketing

Planning a wedding is a logistical challenge even when it’s not the Royal Wedding of the Year. There’s the car to the ceremony, the catering, the guest list, the table plan or if you are Harry and Meghan, 2,640 members of public and non-UK wedding guests, tour of Windsor, security and a televised service to name but a few.


Unlikely a WMS would ease the pain here for the happy couple (every wedding has it’s challenges!) but who knows - crockery, table linen, even wedding gifts could all be stored in a secret Windsor warehouse location. To think this secret stash of essential wedding gear could be one less logistical headache, with a WMS to record the wedding inventory, royal pickers to select and pack required wedding wares, dispatched to get to the church on time (or reception, or Charles’ party) and returned and safely stored away (possibly unwanted wedding gifts?!). Whatever common wedding woes Harry and Meghan may have experienced in the run up to their special day, we at Synergy Logistics wish them the very best for their new future together, and we'll be watching with logistical interest at the no doubt splendidly, organised wedding of the year!